so you may have seen a previous tele thread..

i've since spent a few hours in a guitar store and tried a variety of teles..

thoughts: loved the american standard the most.. however that's out my budget range!

I tried the american special and it felt pretty nice, however didn't like the pups in it!

I can distinctly remember the standard having a nicer shaped neck, however looking at a comparison of a new standard/special online they both have the same neck?

the standard i tried was a preowned one, with a 60th anniversary neck plate.. would the neck be different ?

basically, is there an affordable american tele without the texas special pups?

or any alternatives?
change the pickups?
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Quote by daverichards
so a highway 1 is the way to go?

does the highway one come in many finishes?

Just 3-Tone Sunburst or Flat Black. But you can either have a Rosewood or Maple Fretboard.

Edit: Looks like you can find them in Blue, White and Red if you go for used and its an older model.
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