Basically I'm looking for a halfstack between $1000 and $2000 (cab included).

So I've been searching with no avail for a used Marshall. I've been seeking a 1987 Plexi, JCM 800, Vintage Modern, (all used) and found basically nothing.

I also was considering how poor Marshall's cleans were.

I really dig a 70's hard rock zeppelin punch, thick and fat mids. I wouldn't mind having gains to do some 80's stuff like Judas Priest. No heavier than that though.

I've really been interested in Oranges, for their cleans sound great and they have marshally drives. I also have been looking at Hiwatts.

Headroom is wanted also since I like to play loud.

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Try Laney amps, maybe a GH100L for example.

They don't sound as "dark" as Oranges, they're somewhat brighter, and the cleans are also really good.
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1000 and 2000 what?

Euros? CAD? USD? Pounds? Pesos? Apples? French Fries?
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1000 and 2000 what?

Euros? CAD? USD? Pounds? Pesos? Apples? French Fries?

Orange AD30.
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Egnater renagade would work perfect.....
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