I'm getting some noise on my Blackstar HT-1 amp.

It sounds like the noise you hear while trying to tune a FM radio with some farting and squealing, it's very similar every time starting with some little noise that increases, it doesn't seem to effect my guitar sound, at most it seems to lower my guitar volume when it gets worse.

I got it a few times while my guitar was unplugged, but now I get it usually while playing. A few taps in the back of the amp make it go away, but it comes back in a few minutes.

Any ideas what could this be?

might be a bad preamp tube.
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take it to a guitar tech, and make sure its not just something simple and easily fixable. otherwise call blackstar. I've heard they make some nice amps, but sometimes they arent superb in build quality.
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If it goes away when you tap the amp, it's almost certainly something that has come loose. Maybe a tube not seated in the socket all the way, etc. Check the simple stuff like that, maybe even pull the tubes out and spray some contact cleaner in the sockets. Could just have a bit of dust in there interfering with the connection.

Could also be a tube that's going bad if all the connections are good. I'd check connections first, then try swapping out tubes. If that doesn't solve it, take it to a tech.
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