Hi guy's, Im new on this forum so please don't ban me for asking, but who can I ask to analyse a song for me? It's a Afrikaans song from South Africa - Joe Niemand "Ek sal nie bang wees nie" The music video can be found on youtube and the lyrics can be downloaded from his webpage.

Nowhere on the net can I find tabs for this song, can some maby point me in the right direction.

Thanks in Advance

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My friend plays some African songs so I can ask him but I can´t promise anything.
How often have we chased the dream of progress, only to see that dream perverted?
More often than not, haven't the machines we built to improve life shattered the lives of millions?
And now we want to turn that dream on ourselves, to fundamentally improve who we are.
Experience has shown me how dangerous that can be.
Hi guy's, I've transcoded the song with listening only to the bass cords and it sounds pretty good. Is it possible if someone can maybe overlook it and tell me what he thinks - add a few things that I missed.

Thanks in Advance
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