After a few months of playing I wanted to see if I could lower my strings closer to the fret board. On my guitar the strings are closer to the fretboard near the 1st fret but farther away as you go down to the higher ones, is this normal? Anyway, after messing around lowering and raising the height of strings I cannot seem to get this thing tuned correctly anymore. Any tips for setting the action?
Set the low E at around 2mm from the top of the 12th fret to the underside of the string and set the high E to around 1.6 mm, start there as good medium.
Ill try that twindler.

Not sure ih5g, but each string sounds in tune when I play it normally. But playing a chord sounds weird.
How old/new are the strings? Old ones can be out of whack anyway so best put new ones on, set the height then check it, if it's still out you'll need to look at the intonation.
Yes, the strings are supposed to be higher the further down the fretboard you go. The tuning problem is likely with your intonation, which is controlled at the bridge. I'll need to know what kind of guitar you have to help out further. To check it, plug in a good tuner, play a harmonic (NOT a pinch harmonic) on the 12th fret, then play a regular note on the same. They should have exactly the same pitch. If they don't, then the intonation is off.

You'll want to put on new strings before doing this - changing the intonation on old strings tends to result in overcompensation due to the fact that they've already been bent.

Also, for future reference, this should really go in the Electric Guitar forum.
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