HELP! So my cousin let me have his iphone and now the only problem is that he forgot the password number to the lock ,and now all i want to do is use it but the damn lock keeps stoppin' me.... is there any way i can reset this lock??
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plug it into the computer and reset to the original settings.
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Call what ever the cell carriers help line is, and see if you can. I had to do this with my smartphone. Called sprint and you have to do a complete data wipe. If it's synced up with the internet, however, you should get most of your stuff back.
I don't own an iPhone, but I believe if you plug it into your computer it can unlock but it will erase everything. It will remember anything that's been bought on the iTunes store though.
You should burn it, I mean, the second you get it working, you lose your soul to the apple corporation
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