i got a new guitar the other day once i brought it home i noticed the d and g strings buzz so bad on the 14th fret there pretty much dead.. the action isnt low and the neck is straight and it only happens at the 14 and with these 2 strings.. can it be the fret wire it self and if so would it be possible to just file it down a bit? or no? i got this used in a trade other then this problem here its a great guitar..
What kind of guitar? Have you tried raising those two strings? What is the neck relief?
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What kind of guitar? Have you tried raising those two strings? What is the neck relief?


It sounds like fret 15 might have a high spot in it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to file it, although that would be a quick fix as well. Try Wylde Life's suggestions first, and make sure you don't need to simply adjust the two strings or adjust the truss rod, although frankly I think that's unlikely (needing to adjust the truss roc) considering the issue is so localized. Raise the strings first and see what happens.
Agreed.......raise the strings at the bridge. Don't know what type of bridge you have, need more info if you want instructions how to do this.
the guitar is a jackson sdk-2 it has a lic. floyd on it im pretty sure its not the neck i have thought about that the string are a bit higher then what im use too i have raised the action a bit and it ddnt make a differince..i would hate to raise it any higher i like mine low action..i also noticed they bridge on it sucks bad.i looked on ebay for a real floyd but most what i seen are like 100+ is there another type thats decent yet cheaper?

thanks everyone for your help..
First, measure your neck relief. Fret the guitar at the first fret and where it meets the neck (Like 14th or 15th fret), then measure the gap at the 8th fret.

Next step is to measure the action. Just get the distance from the top of the fret to the string at the 12th fret, do this for each string.

But as was said above, since this is so localised to one spot, I am guessing you have a high fret, or the 14th is worn down in that spot. But it is best to check off the easy solutions before taking a file to the guitar. Some people (Like myself) play harder than others, and thus a lower action on certain guitars isn't ideal. I am prodominately a Strat user, and every strat I own ends up about the same way, the 5th/6th strings are right to Fender spec, the 3rd/4th are 1/64-1/32 higher than spec, and then the 1st/2nd are 1/32-3/64 lower than spec. I hit the middle two strings with the most power for some reason, and at the same time I don't depress the strings as hard.
okay i adjusted to the neck a bit and it did seem to help..but when i took the truss rod cover off. it wasnt what i have seen before instead of using a hex key i had to use a socket? is that normal? now i just need to get it to stay in tune andthe little buzz i still get i can deal with for now i think...thanks everyone for your help..

now if i deside to sell it i wont feel to bad besides it can be my own fault cuz im not familier with floyds i never got into them