I really wanna start singing. I have been going to jam sessions at some local pubs for about a year now and want to play some songs I like but no one knows the words. I love the idea of being a frontman. How long will it take (if I do lessons once a week) to get my voice to a decent standard so I can sing in front of an audience without making them want to kill themselves?
I never took lessons, but from what ive heard a vocal coach can get you up to speed pretty quickly. Until you do get a vocal coach, just do some because scale practice. Sing "oh' "ah" "me" (hum aswell) and solfege (doh reh me fa so la ti doh) along to a major scale on your guitar or piano, switch keys etc..

Also check out some instructional videos on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpvc4SNCWHA this series is very good. So is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdiczUzaOOA

So when you do get to a vocal coach you can grasp some of the basic exercises
Ok cheers. I have tried to find my range. The lowest note being a B3 and the highest an A4. So just under an octave, right? What range is that called? Would that fit into a baritone? I've had no vocal coaching ever or tried to learn to sing before so I'm pretty untrained.