You know, I have a really, really hard time justifying paying over $1000 for a guitar, ANY guitar. I picked up a nice Gibson Les Paul, cranked it through an Orange Tiny Terror, and was satisfied with the tone and feel, but still not enough to justify the price tag. I think mainly because I play an ancient Harmony acoustic guitar, it's no prize pig by any means, she's beat to hell and isn't looking so pretty nowadays BUT dammit I love the way she plays and sounds.

And then, I was broken.

I took a trip to my local Guitar Center, and cruised through the acoustic rooms. I was looking around, trying out different six-strings and really wasn't impressed with anything I picked up. I turned around and saw this really nice Taylor 12-string. Nothing extravagant looking, very clean and straightforward. I sat down and started playing, and DAMN!!! I have NEVER played anything that even comes close to that guitar. The way it sounds, the feel of the neck, the tone, EVERYTHING is flat-out amazing. I've never picked up a 12-string that was so effortless to play, it was hardly any different than playing my Harmony. I am completely and utterly blown away with this guitar, and I don't even know what model it is. When I took a look at the price tag to see what model it was, I wanted to cry.

Just under $1600 for it. Dammit Jim.

I'm a full time College student, working part-time during the week and doing computer work on the weekends. I've been saving up some money because I wanted to get back into playing electric again, and was looking to get a decent electric and small-ish practice amp.

However, if UG can recommend me any 12-strings that can somewhat some close to the playability of the Taylor, for around $600-$700, I would be indebted to you forever and ever lol. I doubt it's possible, but I'm up for suggestions.

It was something along these lines:

Be extremely careful with the cheaper 12-string guitars. Even if you find something with the same playability as the Taylor, you're likely to regret the purchase later. Cheap 12-string guitars have a tendency to utilize poor construction, which shows up in the neck. That Taylor will never have that problem.

And that's why I can easily justify spending that kind of money and more on a guitar or amp.
Oh no, I most definitely stay away from anything with garbage construction. That's why I love the acoustic I have now. It was made in '68 or '69, never was an expensive guitar, and the damn thing is a tank. Yes, I know it's an exception to cheap guitars, especially nowadays. I figure for the budget I stated though, I can at least get something that isn't going to have warping issues or a bridge that's going to rip off the body.

Are 12-strings in my price range still too cheaply constructed?
Unless you're looking to buy a used Taylor, or similar, I'd be afraid to recommend anything in the $600 to $700 range. I just don't feel they're constructed well enough to last.
the only cheaper 12's i know of tend to be bassier than a taylor, so while the quality might be there, the tone won't be anything like. sorry about that
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I'll get blasted for it (as usual), but Ovation 12 strings are amazing guitars. They sound great and are easy playing. Check you local Craigslist. Look for one with a mid or deep bowl.
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I pretty much agree with the sentiments above. You don't want to cheap out, especially on a 12 string just because they tend to have a lot more neck problems down the road.


This seagull is probably the lowest end model I would even recommend. Seagull is a Canadian company. Generally very well built guitars, tone is usually very balanced as well.
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Where is the problem .... if you like the guitar.... either buy it ... or wait till 'money' says, you can. By the time you can afford it your taste will probably have changed anyway.

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Save up for it, man. I'm a college student too and feel your pain. Luckily I've been able to get the foundation for my electric rig to the point that I am more than happy with it and won't need any major changes (by that I mean amp or guitar) for a long time. But now I want a job to, among other things, save up for a nice Taylor acoustic.

The way I look at it, guitar isn't so much a hobby for me as it is a passion, and one that I really hope I can make a career out of. There has to be some monetary investment on my end for that to happen.
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