Hi everyone.
Long time ago (don't remember when but almost a year ago) my Vox VT30 began to have problems when I plug my guitar in.
When I plug the guitar cable and play, at the beggining there is almost no signal, i have to move the plug a few times to make my guitar sound the way is meant to be.
I know that the cables are good, I've tried it with 3 or 4 different cables and it's always the same. The cables work great when plugged with other amps.

I didin't care too much because I just play in my home but this month I'll have some gigs and I need my amp working the best I can.

Did anyone experienced this before? Does anybody know what can be happening?

Either the output jack on your guitar or the input jack on your amp is screwed up.
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Input jack on the amp is most likely borked. Easy fix.
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I've had the same issue with my VT30. You can try to push the thing further into the input jack on the amp or just fiddle with it. They make it pretty hard to get inside those amps though.