"Aerial Vex: Rock, stripped down bare to just its socks.

A solo project longing to grow into a fully fledged rock band. Solo musician Lewis Ireland merges his reverberating drumming, thunderous bass, scratchy percussive guitars and powerful vocals into a tight mix you can't refuse.

Crave a combination of alternative heavy rock, spanning over four decades? Aerial Vex is your band."

Hey guys!

Please check out my solo band project, called Aerial Vex. I've recorded all the vocals and instruments, and am trying to get a band together to perform the tracks. It has a classical rock vibe, with slightly heavier and alternative twists throughout.

I have a five-track EP, and three of them have been released so far, with a fourth being released Monday evening.

Here are links to the tracks:

02 All That Makes You: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Hdm66VX4w
03 Piece Together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0txCJnLOY-I
04 Surrounded (Yet Still Alone): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbVZtMUlICU

If you like what you heard, please leave a comment on the YouTube links, and go to my Facebook page www.facebook.com/aerialvex and 'like' it, so you can see new tracks being uploaded every week or so!

Cheers everyone,

Aerial Vex
I'll be honest, this is a significant step up from 'Rockin' out the city'. Good job!
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Love it man. Great singing throughout and good lyrics. Chorus was very memorable. Reminds me a bit of The Mars Volta I would reccommend raising the volume on the lead vocals though. Keep up the good songwriting.
Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and there's some great playing there. I can also see a bit of Mars Volta there. Gave you a like on FB .

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it
Cheers! I've been linked to them before; must check them out!

Just given you a like. Very nice. Such a raw, lovely guitar tone you have buddy!
Thanks for checking us out! I really like what you have developed so far. I can hear all kinds of influences that you're pulling in for inspiration, but you've made it uniquely your own. Nice compositions and tight songwriting. Gave you a like!