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Title sums it up. What bands or music do you listen to while doing homework or any other type of work?

Listening to "parkway drive" while I do my math homework, what about you pit?
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I can't do homework to music with [English] lyrics, therefore I usually only listen to instrumental music while studying.
Meshuggah or Panzerballett always seem to be best for my math and chem homework. I don't really listen to music while doing any other homework.
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Explosions In The Sky, kept me calm.
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Mostly God is an Astronaut, GY!BE, The Mars Volta, At the Drive In, Periphery, Protest the Hero and Porcupine Tree. There are some others but these are the ones I've been listening to most recently.
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Rap, Reggae, mostly just chill/not heavy stuff.
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Mathcore when I do English.
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i don't do homework.
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I listen to a lot of jazz, and occasionally Dream Theater. More of the instrumental stuff though.
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Even before I dropped out of high school I didn't do homework. I quit actively doing it in like middle school, i'd just copy it in the mornings. Then in high school I quit it all together almost.
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Even before I dropped out of high school I didn't do homework. I quit actively doing it in like middle school, i'd just copy it in the mornings. Then in high school I quit it all together almost.

Well what are you doing now? relevant to my interests.
metalcore or death/trash metal. since it is fast, i work faster for some reason. it also makes me want to punch my teachers for giving the homework in the first place.
Usually post-rock and other instrumental stuff because I have a tough time not following the lyrics in songs that have singing.
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i don't do homework.

Same but when I do, I'm listening to strokes or something on pandora... or listening to mixes on
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I usually listen to Pandora so I don't have to deal with changing songs or anything. If I'm doing homework that doesn't really take any conceptual thinking I can really listen to anything, but usually go with my Daniel Johnston station, Woody Guthrie station, or Irish station, but when it's something that takes serious concentration to understand I listen to my ragtime station
Anything. Usually whatever I have a boner for at the time. I remember I did my last research paper with Coheed & Cambria as the soundtrack.
i think classical music really is the best. Or any type of instrumental music that isnt too "urgent' . For reading, studying, taking notes, etc at least.

for more "going through the motions" ttype of homework, like math (even thoug i fail math every year... im chinese too ! can you believe it?) or just copying down stuff, menial tyype of work , i can listen to anything.
Usually heavier stuff with lyrics that aren't really singable if that makes sense.
Protest The Hero
System of a Down
Killswitch Engage
August Burns Red

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I never did homework in High School, but I did still listen to music...
Classical music or Sigur Ros.
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Listening to "parkway drive" while I do my math homework, what about you pit?
I've lost all respect for you...

Some decent Thrash or Prog Metal does the trick for me.
In college I remember studying to Isis, specifically In The Absence of Truth and Oceanic. Post-rock/metal seems perfect for extended periods of concentration.
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i don't listen to music. I find that music usually demands my full attention and it just acts as a distraction when doing work
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Anything, but only if I have listened to it before. New music distracts me.
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I only do photography at the moment, so i can listen to anything, which at the moment mainly consists of La Dispute, Defeater, Deafheaven and Man Overboard.

although when i did other subjects i listened to Sigur Ros, Radiohead (electronic stuff), Crystal Castles, Squarepusher. just anything softer really. (its really old)

top 5 bands:
Every Time I Die
Parkway Drive
La Dispute
Brand New

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