** never been really an effect guy )

so im building my pedalboard . need a delay .. id like a delay that can do U2 , angel and airwaves and Blink sound . the edge ( u2) and tom delonge seem to use Tc electornic gforce and rack unit . is there a pedal that does the same sound ??

im talking about that sound .

blink - story of a lonely guy

the intro . or song like street have no name , angel and airwaves - the adventure

what pedal should i used . thank you .

boutique if possible .. i dont mind paying for top quality pedal my whole pedlaboard is built of quality over/distortion .

budget : 250$ dont mind stretching to 300
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For U2 you'll probably want to be able to tap in dotted 8th notes. TC nova delay is good.

You could possibly do better for your price though.
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