I am installing some ibanez humbuckers into an epiphone sg. The sg originally had humbuckers, but not coil tapping. The sg had pickups with just a hot and a ground wire.

The ibanez pickups have a hot (red), coil tapping (white) and ground wire.

I want to install them so they are always in humbucker mode. Do I just not connect the white wire in order to achieve this?

Also, can someone verify that hot is red and coil tapping is white for ibanez pickups?

Thank you
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Yep, just put a bit of tape over the exposed wire of the white lead so it won't touch any metal parts in the control cavity (which would cause one coil to cut out) and it'll be in full humbucking mode all the time.
Yes, I can confirm that red is hot and white is coil tapping. I was just rewiring some pickups in my Ibanez's yesterday.
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