I have played for 25yrs but far from a pro. My guitar list is nothing to brag about. Old Peavey T60 electric and takamini Natural electric/acoustic are at the top of the list. Based solely on test playing, I have my sights set on a EB MM electric and Taylor acoustic.

When I played the MM, I was shocked how easy it played and fit me compared to my Peavey. One of the things that stood out was the radius in the fret board. I also learned that the Taylors also have a lot of radii. So it seems that might be something that can help me.

I would mention first that I am a carpenter and CNC machine shop owner so there is nothing in the fine details or technicals that scares me, I just do not know WHAT to adjust to get where I want to go. On the T60, I would think I would want to check the flatness of the fretboard, lay the neck back if possible and shave the nut to reduce the action, and recrown the frets with "maybe" a slight different profile. I was considering going further and removing the neck and reshaping the fretboard and maybe the neck radii and replace the frets. I would of course update the electronics with better pickups.

This is NOT to replace a MM axe, just making the T60 something I enjoy playing rather than avoiding...

Regarding the Takamini, I think the tone is a little dull compared to a Taylor, which might be married to it, but I would like to look at the action and frets to see if it can be improved for faster picking. I try yo play way more than rhythm guitar with it.

EDIT: please excuse my misspelling of Takamine and I believe it is an EN10-C
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