Did another cover to something that I think suits my voice more so then what I've done before. I'm really trying to take everything you guys say and follow your advice so everyone keeps telling me my singing needs work, so I be out here trying day by day, tell me what you think, I messed up a bit on the solo timing and what not, but I couldn't be bothered to get another take.


If you've got any suggetions, I'd love to hear them, I take everything you guys say to heart lol. Will C4C if you'd like as always.

Ali Mac
Guitar playing was good, sounded like a few timing issues here and there but other than that was fine. Singing was a bit off again, some of the timing and pitch. Still braver than me haha.

One other thing I would say is you might want to find a better way of recording the audio, but I'm into that kind of stuff haha.
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Guitar was pretty decent some timing issues to work out especially going into the chorus and the solo. I like the tone your getting out of the guitar. Singing could use some work but thats not something I can really help you with. Maybe try to be a little less breathy don't worry about sounding like John Mayer just sing naturally.
Ryhee : thanks for your comments, i don't really have any advanced methods of recording, i just have a basic camera and can't really be bothered as i'm trying to keep things "organic" if you will, but i'd love to learn how to record better and produce better videos and still keep it organic, do you have any links you could offeR?

Osiris77 : thanks a lot for your comments, haha, i really appreciate that you like the tone considering its a $50 guitar !! that made me happy i'm saving up for something nicer, slowly but surely lol. i'll admit, i do try to sound like john a lot, but that's just because i think we've got a similar voice but your right, i gotta find my own voice.

Osiris77 : Thanks man haha!!
Well done dude, I enjoyed your cover quite a bit, I have nothing to say that hasn't been said already. Timing went off slightly at times, but very impressive none the least.
honestly, the timing was out there at times. but after a while it seemed like you ment to do it that way so im not sure haha. guitar playing wasnt bad. again, some timing issues. pretty good tone for a guitar thats 50 bucks if thats true. singing wise you sound like you need to work on some support. the tone of your voice isnt really bad or anything, its just the timing of singing and playing and some pitch issues. you probably just need to sing more and get comfortable with your voice.

if you want to C4C, heres my cover of a john mayer song "good love is on the way"
Thanks for the comment on my thread dude!

I think your voice has a nice tone but you need to sing a bit louder as it's kinda breathy/thin in this recording. The pitch was a little off too, but that'll come with more practice I guess. Guitar playing was decent, just a bit of timing issues. Also, I love John Mayer so good job on the song selection!
Pretty good cover overall. Being able to sing and play guitar at the same time is a plus. It seems everyone's already said what needs to be said haha. Anyways great job, and keep up the good work. Thanks for the review on my thread!
I love your voice and your guitar playing! Just get that timing down and you'll be golden! Thanks for reviewing my thread
-Jake Blackwood