I know these are on the Billie Joe LP junoir guitars, but is there a way to get just the pickup? Or does any other company make a similar pickup to this. Its a stacked P-90, so its noise cancaling.
The H90 is meant to sound pretty much like a regular humbucker, just a little thinner. People do sell them on eBay occasionally, ripped from Billie Joe signature guitars. There's nothing particularly special about them. They don't sound like P90s.

There are lots of other stacked P90s around. Gibson make the P100 which is the same design as the H90 but a different wind so it sounds a little bit more like a normal P90. Seymour Duncan make a stacked P90 which can be wired series for a sound closer to a full humbucker or parallel/split for a sound similar to a normal P90. Dimarzio make a range of P90-shape pickups that have two rows of pole pieces and two coils side-by-side so they sound like regular humbuckers. EMG make their active humbuckers in a P90-size case.