I have a problem with wiring a new HB pickup to my old guitar (HSH). I would like to have it on a bridge position.

Simple diagram of my bridge pickup wiring (note : grey wire is WHITE!) :

Here are the SEYMOUR DUNCAN wiring instructions :

I just don't know, what to do with the extra two wires (bare and green). I thought that the black is always to the ground and white and red are the signal but on SEYMOUR DUNCAN it looks that to ground is bare and green and the white and red are just fot adjusting HB options (if you want to use just one coil).

I am sorry for my English, but its impossible to find something in my language.

And I am also sorry if I created a duplicite thread.

Thanks for any hint, Peter
The green and bare goes to the ground, Black is signal, and the red and white would go to the coil-splitter if you had one
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