hi every body! so im getting a good jazz guitar (in ibanez AF series hollowbody) and i was wondering what i good amp for it would be (fender......)... keep in mind that i also play blues and classic rock (suggestions on a different guitar are also wide open)..

amp: 300$-600$
jazz/blues/classic rock
guitar: 300$-1000$
preferably hollowbody
jazz/blues/classic rock/ good with acoustic cleans

A lot of people are probably going to suggest the Roland Jazz Chorus. Don't get me wrong, it's cleans are amazing but I feel that it's sound isn't fit for jazz, just to flat for me. Check out a used Fender Bassman. You should really look for a nice clean amp that you like, then just get some pedals to add some dirt if you need it. Look on your craigslist, you can save a ton of money and find some great deals.
Fender combo amps will nail what you're looking for, though you may need the aid of a low gain overdrive to catch some of the classic rock sounds if you get a non-master volume.
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small fender tube amp (say blues junior) and an epiphone dots
another question that may apply to the amp idea.... what is the difference between a:
fender frontman 25 watt
fender frontman DSP 25 watt?
the dsp has abunch of effects if i'm not mistaken.

Fender will nail Jazz with a lot of different amps. It just depends on what you prefer and how much money you want to spend. Even a Frontman won't be too bad for Jazz, since a lot of jazz tone comes from your fingers and if you have a nice clean base EQ that's all you'll need.

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If you go with tube you're going to need a lot of watts to get the kind of headroom necessary for articulate and clean jazz playing. Unless you only play small little cafés, but even then I wouldn't touch anything less than 25 watt tube.

There is a reason why everyone says the Roland Jazz Chorus. If you want a jazz machine, there is nothing better all around. Sure, some things may nail certain tones but the Roland will consistently nail the tone you need.

For guitars, a good bet is the Ibanez Artcore series. I had one and loved it. Definitely an excellent value. I know Godin also has a line of archtops that are supposedly superb. Have not had the opportunity to try one.

The difference between a Fender Frontman 25 and a Fender Frontman 25 DSP is like the difference between Spam and Spam sprinkled with a little seasoning. With the DSP you get some onboard digital effects but avoid those amps like the plague.
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Well, if you can save up more for an amp, I recommend something like an Evans amp. Its jazz cleans are in a different league from any of the mentioned amplifiers. You will however need an overdrive pedal for rock tones.
you really want jazz sounds? obviously the jazz chorus is always a good choice. My school's jazz band has a fender silverface twin reverb. You might be lucky enough to find a twin reverb for around $600. If not, the hot rod deluxe is a good second option. Really any fender clean amp will do the trick (bassman, princeton reverb,) hell, i used my fender vibro champ once when the band amp decided to break down.

as far as guitars go, the classic jazz sound is usually from a semi-hollow or hollow body guitar. Epiphone Sheraton-II is a good one to look at. I think an overlooked guitar is the Godin 5th Ave Kingpin. Played it and loved it. If I didn't already have a jazz guitar i would have bought it.
Ibanez made some incredible copies of the Gibson 175s back in the 80s. Keep an eye out for one. Their howard roberts model is excellent as well.

Amps really depend. Do you want to mic it? Look into an old silverface deluxe nonreverb, you might be able to score one for 600. They don't really clip at all, unlike the reverb version.