I might be getting a 7 string soon and I want to use it in Drop C for a couple of projects.

So what is the best tuning option?


(The string in brackets is unused)
Why don't you just use a downtuned 6 with a decent scale length?
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Why are you planning on buying a 7 string guitar if you're only planning on using six of the strings? If you were going to use a 7 string for the usual/generic drop-tuned metal chugs then you would probably go with ACGCFAD, or your second option (with the 7th string being a B.) If I understand your post correctly and you'd be leaving one string out, then there's no point in getting a 7 string. You'd be better off using the additional money to buy a 7 string to buy a nicer 6 string and use thicker gauge strings and a dropped tuning.
^ I think he's buying a 7 string anyway and just using 6 on some particular project
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I'll be mainly using the 7 strings in standard tuning but will want it in Drop C for a couple of bits until I buy another 6 string.