been looking on amazon for a while and saw some kerry king signature strings for like 6 quid and really was just wondering if anyone has used them and and really knwo what there like or if ther worth it
though i also saw some mustaine ones and was wondering which would be better ?
basicly just want thought and shizz
thanks xD
Im a big MUSTAINE fan and I bought his signature strings like 2 years ago. From what I remember, the 6th and 5th string were really fat and not as slinky/bendy. They hurted my fingers so I never bought them again.
I use ernie ball regulars now.

Hope this helps you!
I recommend getting a different brand once a week, every week, until you find a brand that really speaks to you.

For me that was Dean Markley .012s. I really like the wound 3rd, and they seem more balanced than Slinky or GHS.
My experience with Dunlop Strings is very bad, the worst strings I ever bought, those lasted like a week or less and rusted horribly. I use D'Addario and I love them; Dean Markley, GHS, Ernie Ball, Elixirs worth a try too, I liked all of them somehow but D'Addario are my favorites . Do what DeathByDestroyr told you, try different strings until you find the ones you like most .

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okayy soo i think ill stay away from the mustaine ones hehe and hmm tbh i can see your point i might try that aswell xD
thanks aswell dudes XD this has helped =D
No need to stay away from ANY strings. Some people love Dunlop strings, I tried them out for a few weeks and went back to Dean Markley with my next purchase.

The point being I gave them a try.
Give every set of strings a try, as has been said. Personally I really enjoy DR Tite-fits.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
Also, check out SIT (Stay In Tune) strings. Some people love those, and they aren't very well known.

I still preferred my Dean Markley
check out the titanium coated slinkys. i switched from DR's to regular ernie ball's to these and they blew me away. the tone is great and i love the feel of the titanium coating. they last forever but the tone isn't affected at all by the coating. they have a really nice bit to them.

if your down tuning but still like ur d thru high e strings to be kind of loose just search for some light top heavy bottom strings. that way you'll get the tension on the low strings you want but still have looser light strings for easy bends and whatnot
I have a set of the Dunlop KFK strings. They're a set of 10-46 with an additional 52, so if you drop tune the low E you can use it instead. To me they feel identical to the regular Dunlop strings, which are fine. If you use 10-46, I'd just go with their regular ones, as you're paying extra for the name as well as an extra string that you won't use.

Personally for Electric I love DR's. tite fits for all of my electrics except my Tele, which gets Pure Blues.
For Acoustic I use Cleartones. Their coating is less than one micron thick, and they last a long time because Cleartone coats all 6 strings, not just the wound ones.
I have used the KFK set. I used them on a Jackson Dave Mustaine Sig guitar a year or so ago, and I played in almost always drop tunings with that. I really liked the KFK set, but as stated, they are just Dunlop strings with an extra string.

But, I have been an Ernie Ball user for 5+ years now, their Regular and Super Slinky's are just what I prefer. I did get some Dunlop Rev. Willy strings though, just to try out.