Simple question, so a simple answer will suffice.

For a bass chord, do you strum it like a guitar or pluck all 4/5 at the same time?

I don't really play bass too much, I'm just curious because I'm using them in a song I'm writing.

Thank you Sir or Madame.
I do both, though usually it's the guitar-esque way for me.
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depends. if it's like a chord melody thing, typically pluck. if it's just a chord i'd usually strum.
I usually tend to strum down with my thumb, or go up with my finger, depending on the sound that I'm looking for... I'd say to do whatever sounds best for you! I know lots of people who do it with a pick, too.
Depends, usually I use my fingers but sometimes I use my nipples. It depends on what feels better at the time.


I thumb my chords, sometimes I pop em with my fingers but usually I play my bass chords smoothly so they aren't obnoxious.
I strum my chords with a pick,but thats just cuz its easy and I'm lazy.
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