im the proud owner of a jackson rohdes V, an ibanez super strat, explorer and a DBZ barchetta, more strat shaped, im wondering if there is any case, or a few if there are any, that would fit all of my guitars in, not at the same time, just one that i would be able to use for at least 2 or three of my "extreme" guitars.
is there any that you could reccomend because im looking for a single guitar case that would fit multiple shapes of guitar, the rock cases semm to just fit multiple guitars in them as the same time, well at least the ones ive found
and thanks ill look around for coffins, if there are any other brands id love to hear about them
Your rhoads won't fit into the same coffin as your super strats, nor will your explorer. You should try to get a Jackson Kelly/Rhoads/V bag or Rockbag for your extreme shapes. Strat shapes are easier to find.
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thats what i was worrying about, im tight on cash, ah well, the price of being a musician
Always negotiate a hard case into the deal. All the guitars I've bought, I've had the stores throw in a hard case for free.
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Gator makes a case that comes with Foam pads that contour to the shape of whatever instrument is in it.


I'm not sure if it will fit the Rhoads or not... I guess just try to measure everything.
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i would get two cases, one for the superstrats and one for the extreme shapes. any case that can fit the extremes will most likely be too big for the superstrats. you could always look used, i see cases pop up now and then on craigslist
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