Vintage, the cheapy epiphone sg is a bit pants, if you want an sg style get the vintage one of them too.
You could argue quality of Epiphone vs Vintage for a while if you really wanted but I believe your as likely to come across bad examples of either brand, so play them before hand if you can.

Secondly Les Paul's (like the vintage) and SG's (the epiphone) are quite different in tone, Les Paul's have thicker tone generally, this doesn't mean that heavier styles of music need a Les Paul what it means is one or the other will appeal to you more probably. In short it depends on your preference, their similarly spec'd I'm guessing this is a first guitar for you, play them both, go with you gut as its the one your more likely to keep playing.
I had that exact Vintage V100, I kinda miss it. It was really fun to play and it looked pretty good. The pickups were slightly muddy though (or it could have been the electronics fault too)...
G400 is a great guitar.

Not a fan of the vintage stuff, any experience I have had of them has been negative.

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Please provide some information in your threads, as suggested in the first post. Posting links to two guitars, with no other information to help with decisions, is not productive.