I made this midi song when i was asked by a friend of mine to make an intro to their bands live gigs. The band is not good at all, but i thought it would be fun to be a little creative.

So i sat in logic and added some instruments that ended up sounding like this.
It's not mixed nor balanced. Al midi stuff in here!

Please give me some feedback!

Rise By Dawn (Work In Progress)
well, if they play epic metal or something like that its good i supose.
i liked "they arent good at all" hehehe
They play some screamo metal that the world has never heard. At least according to them... But in reality they sound kinda crappy and all that, but the intro is mine and the only thing they can do is lend it from me.

I'm glad you dudes liked it!
Didn't put in more than 6 - 8 hours on this stuff. Kinda simple and pretty much the same stuff all the way through though...