Hi there, would anyone here have their interpretation of the tabs for "Something Special To Me" By Dolly Parton? Or does anyone know where i can get them?

I absolutely love the song and so does my Granddaughter, i have trawled the net using various search engines, including Dogpile and Google, but i have had no luck at all for the chords, i have found the lyrics no problem, but the chords just don’t seem to be out there.

(C)You may not know it

I (F)don't always (C) show it

But you're so (G)important to (F)me

(C)So much that we've shared

(F)You've always (C)been there

I hope you (G)always will (F)be


'cause (C)you(F) are something (C)special, ooh-(F)wee

Yes, (C)you(F) are something (C)specia(G)l to (C)me


You're the (Am)wind 'neath my wings

Like the (G)song that they sing

But there's (F)so many things that you (C)are

An (Am)angel in my life

(G)You are the sunlight

And (F)you hung the moon and the (G)stars

Yes, you're (C)special