Hey guys,

Back again, (I think I might be getting addicted already )
I realise that this is a pretty simple song, but still appreciate any advice you can give me

I'm playing all the guitar parts with the song in the background.



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Solid rhythm and timing! The only things I'd suggest you work on is your vibrato and not using your index finger for so many notes in the solo. You could run into some technical walls if you rely on it too much.
Great job man really solid cover, I really like the sound your getting out of the HT-5. Not really much to critique are you mic'ing up the HT-5 or going direct?
Thanks guys. I'm mic'ing the amp. I've tested the direct output on it, wasn't a huge fan. It's alright for practicing through headphones, but I just prefer the sound of a mic. I'm also double tracking all the rhythm parts to give them a thicker sound.
Don't know the song, so i can't judge the playing all that well. it seems tight though.

Tones are very nice
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really good cover. didnt see anything wrong. the mixing in your vids make it sound studioquality, really great.
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mixing of this sounds awesome, maybe a simple song but it was very well done. Your rhythm is solid.
This is a really great cover. I've never heard of this band before. Thanks for the new music added to my library! I really like your tone and recording quality. Saw no mistakes. Mind sharing your recording secrets via PM? Thanks for the critique also.

10/10 Overall! Good job.
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Commented on your YouTube vid also: You played this very well, even if its just a simple song. The tone + mixing is very good, you must have found the sweet spot for micing your amp. Returned the favor and gave ya a like!
Thanks guys, I appreciate all your feedback.

Vulcanized: I've sent you a PM, and yeah they're a pretty cool band, my brother actually found them first, they're really growing on me now though.

raz1289: Thanks for the like and comment
Thanks for the comment on my thread dude.

I really enjoyed your cover, the tone gels perfectly and the playing is spot on. Nice song too, I've not heard this band before.

What do you think of the Blackstar HT-5? I was considering getting one as my current amp is way too loud for my flat
Personally I love it. If you're into ultra-high gain stuff you'll probably need an overdrive/distortion pedal to get you there, but other than that it's fine. It can handle older metal (Metallica, Iron Maiden etc.), clean channel is nice, can get some really nice clean lead tones for bluesy stuff, especially if you use a delay pedal (the amp has no built in effects). For classic rock it's awesome, can get some amazing AC/DC kinda sounds out of it. A lot of people say you can't hear it over a drummer, but they must have really loud drummers, cause I've used it in practices etc. and it can be heard with the volume at about 11 o'clock. I've even used it directly off stage (un-mic'd) and it managed that, although the clean channel was pushing it to be loud enough without breaking up.

Hope that helps
I haven't got a single bad word for your playing, that band is not cup of my tea, but you nailed it. Played perfectly as far as I heard and saw good job
Never really listened to the band before, not really something I'd listen to haha but you can play, that's for sure. I love the sound of the recording itself. Keep up the good work.
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Im digging the picking parts, really nice tone you have there. Clean and smooth playing overall!
HECK YEAH, another fan of Saosin here! What can I say for your cover man, it is just perfect for me, one of the most emblematic songs by Saosin and you did a great job. The picking is very good, tight and precisely, the whole song is very well-played. And the sound quality and especially the tone are just fantastic. Great cover man, we should do some Saosin song together, haha. Gave you a like and subscribe!

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