Hello, I am thinking about getting an 8 string electric guitar, but I don't really know wich models I could buy. I have two models in mind, the Schecter Hellraiser C-8 or the Ibanez RG2228. I don't know which is better, which one is the least expensive and things like that. I would appreciate it if you could help me chosing an 8 string guitar, and it could be any model, not these two, these are my favorite but I know there's more of them. I would love it if you can help me. Thanks .
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I don't really care for the price, because I work and my parents said that if I buy an 8 string guitar, they would pay 1/4 of the price. How much could be the 2228?
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Thanks man, I was actually checking for the Hellraiser C-8 and it's not really expensive, it's around 900$/1000$, and according to the reviews on it here, it seems to be an awesome guitar for that price.
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I'm partial to the Agiles, as far as bang for the buck is concerned. You can snag a great 8 string from them at prices between $500 and $1150 or so.

Get the Blackjack ATX 8 string. Less obnoxious on the abalone (it's neat for a few months, but really, it gets old) and the pickups are superior*. Plus, I think the ATX is around $100 cheaper - put that into a nice case or strings/strap-loks/etc.

* tone is subjective, but the common consensus with 8 string actives right now is EMG 808X>>>SD Blackouts>>>EMG 808s.

Agiles are fantastic for the value, as well, but you should know what tuning, scale length, fingerboard, bridge, et al you'd prefer. I'd go with the Schecter if you don't have a solid grasp on what options you want to invest in.
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Thanks everybody for all of your replies, I am going to check for these guitars, although I live in a small town where there's only 2 music shop with items wayyyy overpriced... A Jay Turser starter kit for 450$, cheap drumsticks which would normally cost 10-15$ for 25$, etc... The most expensive guitar was not even a 7 string, it was a Schecter 6 string for 2500$...
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Actually for less than the price of the major name brands factory guitars you can actually get a custom made agile 8 string.
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a Schecter 6 string for 2500$...
WHAT?!?!?! Was it made out of gold? lol where do you live that stuff is that over priced?
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The 2228's build quality is much better than those Agiles. If you have the money buy it instead.
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WHAT?!?!?! Was it made out of gold? lol where do you live that stuff is that over priced?
No, it was a normal Hellraiser C-1 I think. I know for a fact that it's an Hellraiser 6 string but I don't know if it's a C-1. And to answer your question, I live in Rivière-du-loup, a small town in Quebec.
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An LTD SC-608B Baritone Stephen Carpenter Signature model would probably suit you well. $1,050.


Or you could just get this and not pay for the name. http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-standard-deluxe/h-308.html
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