Hey i'm new to playing bass but have recently joined a band where i have taken it up, found i genuinely enjoy it maybe even more than the guitar, I am a student and need an amp because playing through the band's PA is sounding terrible...

So i need a cheap as anything amp, been looking on gumtree and there's a few amps for under 80 pounds ish, obviously they aren't gonna be incredible but wanted to know if a 40W stagg solid state 10" combo would cut it in a band with an electric guitarist and a fairly loud drummer?

Also has anyone had any experience of Carlsbro amps? as i could get a 100W one of those.

Thanks for any help or advice

as far as i remember, around 100W is sort of a minimum for playing with a loudish band. as for carlsbro, i havent got any experience with them personally.
I've found that you need like minimum 200W bass amp for playing with loud drums and guitars.

If you have to settle for less then raise or aim the amp to ear level.

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I've used my Ashdown MAG (only about 100w) and it's worked just fine, although I wouldn't recommend going lower in wattage for that. Our drummer is very heavy-handed and I had to compete with two guitars as well. I'd recommend at least 200w so you won't have to crank 'er.
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I almost never say use the search, but putting in "how many watts" for the TITLE of the thread alone, there are 67 results. If you search the whole thread, much much more vast.

I would agree, try and get 200 watts as a minimum. If you're going to go with 100, make sure the speaker is really efficient. I had a 1x15 and 4x10 before that was a lot quieter than other 4x10s standalone because of how inefficient some speakers were. I believe there are a good amount of threads as well on how efficient speakers are, dB ratings and how loud they actually are, etc.

EDIT: This one is bass specific.
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I'd definitely recommend 200ish watts, that way you should definitely have enough provided the guitarists don't crank to 11. In terms of brands, try out whatever the hell you can find and afford.