I've never seen anything so bad! Only kidding, you seem fine to me, the only thing I found hard being a guitar player was the fact you didn't break into a big solo lol
That's what I like about bass actually. Just chill out and lay back into the groove. I'm originally a guitarist too and I'm a bit sick of solos to be honest. I'm not that good at them anyway. :P
Lol I've been playing long enough and I'm not that good at them either but I can't help it, I get a bass in my hands and I'm like widdle widdle widdle or I like trying to find chords. I quite fancy actually doing the main part of a tune with the bass and having the guitar in the background more too just to mix things up. The most important thing though which you've already mentioned is the groove, if it doesn't have a good groove I'm not so keen. One of the things I remeber too with the bass is trying to find a different route from the guitar, I can't remember the exact term for it but like if the guitar is going down then have the bass going up so the two harmonise each other. Anyway I'm going totally off track lol, your playing still seems totally fine to me.