best guitars in the 200-300$ price range. umm acoustic-electric guitars only. since there (apparently) is no "good" guitar (taylor, martin etc.) in this price range, I'm looking for the best guitars in this price range. I'll be willing to go up to 350$. just asking cuz i was going to long & mcquade on saturday and i want to know what i should consider to test out
fender tim armstrong hellcat - solid top, clear and bright tone. no cutaway, though.
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Fender CD60. I have one and it is a great guitar. A set of really light strings on it really bring out the brightness in it. I'm not actually sure what wood it is made out of, but it sounds much more expensive than it actually is. Also, the Fender name on it looks cool.
alvarez, yamaha, takamine,
Breedlove AJ250SF Plus
Shecter C1 w/pearly gates
Alvarez RD210C
(2) 60's-70's Unknown Acoustic