I got a Dean ML Noir XT, and I'm not impressed with the stock pickups.
So since I don't have the funds to drop new ones in it, I want to try an idea.
I took the JE1200 Mid boost circuit from my Charvel (because it has a Dimarzio and passive electronics now), and I was wondering If I could put it into the Dean, to beef up the pickups and give them more character.
I want to make a passive master volume and tone, so that I can still play it without a 9V running through the midboost circuit.

With this diagram I've drawn out, it shows the midboost thingy wired with the passive volume and tone controls, with what i'm hoping will work, originally it had a 50k volume pot mounted to the board, but im going to put a fixed resistor in it's place and use only the midboost pot, and on that pot, the middle lug has to be wired to the output jack, so with the midboost pot and the passive volume pot sharing the same wire to the output jack, would I be able to use both at the same time? And in case the battery dies, i'll still have passive volume and tone controls?
And btw, the tone is wired to the volume like that for 50's wiring.
Cusp of Magic