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Just wondering. Was on UG at school this morning, and I felt like the only pitmonkey in the building
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None. Literally none.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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everything that you've come to expect

I know at least two other dudes who are on UG. I don't think either of them post with any degree of frequency though.

There may be more. I don't really seek them out like that though.
One of my buddies used to go on UG for bass stuff/bass forums. One of my other buddies went into EG for a couple questions, but that's about it.
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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Well, I know like 3 (mostly inactive) UGers, and I'm sure plenty of people I know IRL use other forums, but it's not a very interesting topic of conversation so I don't know.
None. Lot's of people who use the website for tabs, but aren't in the forums.

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How should I know? Several, probably.
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Umm... two offhand. Probably more.
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I know a guy IRL who signed up to UG and friended me on here. I accepted and then realised some of the shit I've posted on here.

But then I got over it.
I'm engaged to one.

Come at me.
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I'm engaged to one.

Come at me.


EDIT: vvv You only know one? I thought we weren't counting 4chan, but if we are then I know about 20+ people.
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I used to know this guy that uses 4chan, I avoided contact as much as possible. No others as far as I know.
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Thanks mang.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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I'm surprised when someone in my school displays knowledge of a website outside of Facebook, YouTube, or something learning-related.
Every poster on here is a 6-foot Catholic schoolgirl with an 8-inch penis and riches beyond my wildest dreams.
None that I regularly see. I've met a few either on purpose or accidentally, but I don't see any of them on a normal basis.
I know 5 or 6 UGers IRL. Only one of them uses the forums a lot but she never posts.
I almost met another UGer but then I didn't
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So how did you two meet?

The UG video chat.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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I've never met a Uger.
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None. A friend of mine has an account here but he hasn't posted here in over a year (he got pissed because you guys told him he was wrong in his silly political threads ) and I introduced him so that doesn't really count.

I've almost been discovered before though, which would not of been good.
I've never known any- which is good, because I'd rather them not see some of my posts here. >.>

There are probably some who use the site for tabs and such, but no Pitmonkeys that I know of.
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don't know anyone on UG but I know plenty on other forums
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