Hey guys, this is the song I spent all day destroying my throat over. I think it turned out pretty good, but I'd like to know what you think and all that. I was going to telephone the vocals during the first soft chorus but for some reason it didn't keep it like that when I bounced it and the screaming at the end starts a bar to soon and whenever I fix it and bounce it it just does it again But I think it's still pretty good the way it turned out.

C4C as always
Your vocals remind me of the guy from Sikth. Song style isn't my preferred styled but it's pretty cool. Your vocals REALLY put the originality into the song.
I actually really liked this. It was very original, especially with the vocals in certain parts. I didn't like the tone of the guitar that much, I felt like it could have been a bit thicker in a few sections. That aside, this was really enjoyable. I'm always happy to hear songs and styles that haven't been done to death already.

The drums sounded really good as well, everything seemed to be mixed well level-wise, but like I said before, the tone of the guitars could have been improved a tad.

Other than that, this was really fantastic

^_^ Thanks guys, I'll work on making the tones thicker when I go in to try and fix the vocals and do stereo spreading, EQing, compression, and all the finishing stuff.
Listened to Twist of fate..

Nice intro man, the vocals are great indeed. They feel so real and full of expressions and feelings... Liked the quiet part at 1:16... it makes the song more unique...
It has weird timings, but i liked it...
The bass is almost inexistant... maybe a little more of gain there?
Nice work!
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Hm I was thinking the same for the bass, it was my first time using an actual bass instead of just software so I'm still experimenting.