Im just a beginner on acoustic guitar and i have no clue of how many strumming methods there is could anyone list them down for me? I would really love to learn, thank you!
Have you tried looking on Youtube? There a lot of beginner strumming lessons, and its good thing to actually see it. It's all about timing, and it can get very complex. Start with the basics and build from there. Also make sure you know the basic chords and can change between them in time to a metronome starting at a slow BPM at first.

The site linked below is a great resource for strumming patterns and has a lot of popular songs to learn with varying difficulty.


Strumming is a very overlooked skill, but I think it can make the difference between a decent guitarist and a brilliant guitarist.

I hope this helps a bit, and good luck!
So which strumming techniques do you need to master to strum like Jimmy Page? His strumming seems so godly.
Never stop moveing ur hand is the key that's ur time keeper for rythm ur down strokes represent the down beat ur up strokes represent the up beats so the 1 is the downstroke the and is the upstroke even when ur not hitting a chord keep that hand moveing adding in sixteenth notes triplets eighth notes whatever but always keep that hand moveing no needto look up strumming pattrrns really
As said above, YouTube videos. Buy a beginner guitar book and they should go over basic strum patterns. Work on those and eventually you'll be able to hear a song and immediately pick up on the strum pattern even if you don't know the chords being strummed!