I'm sorry I had to use those words, it was for shock value alone. but since I have your attention...I'd like some suggestions as to what you think would look sexy on a les paul.

It looked fine in black, but I wanted something a little more eye catching....so i've begun the tedious task of sanding it down and decided to give my fingers a break and get some public insight as to what you think would look good paint-wise.

My friend owns an auto body shop, and told me he would paint it however i wanted as long as i do everything except the painting itself...don't worry I wouldn't try this with a can of spraypaint, lol.

I'm thinking of keeping it simple, maybe a nice white with a pearlescent shine when it hits the light...but then a part of me wants to go all out and get the kind of paint job that looks like they skinned a tiger and put it on a guitar.

Actually that's a question...anyone know how the hell they do that kinda paint job? is it as simple as a base layer of your choice then airbrushing over it?

Anyhow, please post pics if possible of what you think would look sexy on a guitar. Sarcasm welcome, feel free. Google images gave me a TON of ugly looking guitars that probably cost a fortune.

Anyone know what kinda wood this is?
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The pic above is flame maple, not a paintjob.
The wood looks to be maple.

So if i painted it without primer, it would turn out like that?

The grain on the wood isn't as prominent in my guitar, but it still shows
No. Yours is maple. Not flame maple. Prolly a fairly thin maple top over mahogany.
You could add a flame veneer for a reasonable cost, and some work.
If you can get a decent airbrush artist to put in some time you could get some really slick artwork as well.
Interesting...I should check into the prices of veneers. It's a little bit more work than I planned on putting into this, but it can't hurt to look. Plus it would open the door to a world of more paint options that aren't solid colours.
You paid for a Gibson and sanded the finish off? The finish is one reason they cost so damned much to begin with!
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^I believe it's an epi, actually, looking at the picture...

+1 epiphone for sure
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You're definitely not going to get the flame effect with paint, and I'm not sure trying to install a veneer is a good idea, unless you're a pretty competent carpenter.

The good folks in Gear building and customising will have better advice for you. Ask for suggestions in there.
for the flame look you could probably get away with a photo top if you've got a place with a large printer somewhere nearby like an office depot or similar.

it won't be perfect but provided you do it right it should still look good
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lol yeah it's an epi les paul custom (about to be a custom les paul custom)

I wouldn't sand down a gibson unless it was a boring coloured studio or something

As for the photo top...someone has already suggested that and It's something i'll consider only as a last resort. I would rather have it painted even if it means I only get a solid colour. I'm kinda digging the white with black trim.

plus i have seymour duncan blackouts with gold hardware which would look pretty sexy on a white guitar.

My father in law has a pretty good workshop at his house...i'm sure I could put a veneer on without too much trouble...but from what I can tell i'm looking at about 50 bucks to buy one and i'm not even sure one piece will be big enough.

I'll repost this in gear building in the morning...thanks for the tip
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I'll repost this in gear building in the morning...thanks for the tip

I'll just report it and it will probably be moved for you. I think it's preferred to having duplicate threads.
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Okay first off, pull your tune o matic studs. Second off, a veneer would be a pain in the ass to install. It's an arch top, you're trying to form a crispy thin piece of wood over that. Goooood luck. I vote for a nice solid color. White is good, but lame. Orange. Yeaahhh that'd be cool.

I planned on taking them out before attempting to sand that part...They screw in, right? Not glued or anything? I've never taken them out before.

And I was thinking the same thing about the archtop...which i decided is why you always see 2 piece veneers (which i think look a little stupid when they're not installed so they're mirrored to one another)

However I have a moderate amount of woodworking experience, and i'm fairly sure with enough patience (and steam) I could pull it off. Whether or not it will look like it's gibson quality is another thing, though. I really don't think i'll be taking that route...it's just a damn epiphone. I don't wanna be like the people that put a big spoiler on a cavalier.

Based on the wood grain that the recent sanding job has exposed, I think a paint job without primer would look sorta like this

which is kinda boring IMO...So i'm either doing a solid colour and hiding the wood grain with primer, or adding a veneer (thus adding at least another 2 weeks I don't get to play my favourite guitar)

Orange is an idea, and i'm partial to the colour myself, but I'm not sure how it would look with a black neck/headstock & gold hardware. I think i'll play around in photoshop a little later and see what I can come up with.
When it comes to plain top like these, wine red finish is my absolutely favorite

Or this if you don't plan to use the wood figures

The bulleyes finish is on my todo list on one of the future project.

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