I have two (related) questions about strings, if I may.

1. How much do acoustic and electric string gauges differ? For example, I play 11's on my acoustic guitar. Would they be roughly equivalent in heaviness to electric 11's (basically, would the electric strings require the same finger strength/effort to play than the acoustics?)

2. In relation to the first question, I want to start using 13 gauge strings on my electric guitar, but I currently have 10's. I know 13's are more difficult to play than 10's, but I don't know just how much more difficult, which is why I was looking to use my acoustic strings as a reference. Is the jump from 10's to 13's too much for the average man to handle? Or should I work my way up?

Please and thank you. Cheers
The gauges are the same, so the string dimensions would be identical. However, scale length and setup mean they will feel different.

I would not go from 10s to 13s. Move up to 11s or 12s first. That's a really big jump. You'll need to get the action, intonation, and truss rod set for each new gauge, though, so if that's a problem and you're confident you can handle 13s, it will be less of a hassle.
Thanks for the quick response. So, are you saying that if I'm used to playing my acoustic 11's with no problem, then electric 11's wouldn't be any different? If that's the case, I'd feel very comfortable jumping from 10's to 12's.
I think you'll notice a pretty big difference in the wound strings, not in gauge (since that will be identical), but possibly in tension. I'm no expert. I would move up or down on either guitar sequentially.

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They won't feel exactly the same, but they will be close enough to be familiar. You should be all right. Look up the scale length of your acoustic and electric - they are probably different. A very rough rule of thumb is that every increase in scale length of 1 inch makes the gauge feel one larger. That is, a 25.5" scale length with 11s will feel roughly like a 24.75" with 12s.