It needs to be more percussive, that's what I like in my indie pop. Get a big driving rhythm part. It needs a bigger bass presence too, the virtual instruments would sound actually cool if you had a bass and drum part rocking under them. But by there own they sound meh, I like the ideas. I would of preferred the vocals get more power at some places, it doesn't really go anywhere, there needs to be more dynamic. If you did this it could be really really cool. C4C?
i liked it! this is what my friend wants to make kinda. are you thinkin animal collective of montreal mgmt modest mouse fleet foxes?????? i really dig this. as for percussion, i understand why you didnt, i think, but try it out and see if you like it. like ^ said maybe early mgmt drums?
Listened to North America...
Liked the vocals... dont like the reverb you put there... it kinds of make the vocals too muddy...
Nice lyrics... what's that instrument playing in the background? A synth? Its great...

Nice job man.

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I kind of agree with rockfan7 in regard to the percussion, I would have liked that to kick in at some point but perhaps not for the whole song. I really liked the style though. Good vocals, nice melodies, good use of reverb/echo or whichever combo you used. Well written and played!

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