Hey everybody, so I noticed how once a dude here said that being an instrumental guitarist/shredder and being a solo artist actually makes things work differently when it comes to promoting your music. He said you are better to do it online than in real life since it's a bit of a different audience you're trying to hit unlike pop/rock bands or anything along those lines.

so what are your ideas on good internet marketing? Facebook? contests? giveaways? I dont know, anything that comes to your mind... SHARE IT!

SPAM EVERYONE POSSIBLE! That being said, promote yourself on simular artists pages, videos, links ect... Anything that can lead people to your page. Be shamless about it.
Really depends on what your goals are. Do you want to be playing gigs as a solo guitarist or instrumental band? It's not different...Think of online marketing and promoting simply like taking a 1000 stickers with your name on it and running through a city and putting them up everywhere. Getting your name in every nook and cranny out there. Doesn't really matter what you do, just make sure there are an excessive amount of sites out there where you have your name.

But just because you have 200k views on a youtube video saying your an awesome solo artist and a virtuoso of a guitarist doesn't mean you can transfer that success to a local venue. Which is kind of why it matters what you want to do?

You can actually make a good bit of money having your own website that's popularized through youtube and sell advertising space. Takes a lot to get to that point but it can be done.