Hey guys, this is quite a dark piece I wrote a few days ago I like most of it I think the climax might be a bit cluttered though, I'm wondering if I should lose the slides on the distortion guitar or maybe the chords on the other one? Either way, I'm keen to hear your opinion.
Until You Taste Like Rotextend.gp5
Until You Taste Like Rotextend.gp4
please lose the slides. they actually hurt my ears man, there's a difference between musical dissonance (the rest of the piece) and that part.

Otherwise though, I originally thought I wouldn't like it but if this had vocals I'd probably listen to it pretty often. It sounds really cool... other than those completely disgusting slides.
^^ LOL
but yea i second that... the song is nice but whoosh those slides, while maybe sounding good when actually recorded, just do not work in that setting haha
I also think the slides are rather annoying.

Other than that, this was great. Made me envy you, since whenever I try writing stuff like that I really lose direction at some point.

Really good stuff

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