what do you guys think about these new Gretsch models: G5425 Jet Club and
G5415 Special Jet ?

I am in the market for a new guitar but I am in a budget (under 300&euro.

The regular recommendations for a budget guitar are normally the Pacifica 112v, something from Squier and Epiphone (I kinda like the Dot Studio) but I am looking for a different guitar and I find these quite appealing.

Thanks and best regards,

I'd recommend either of those - I had a couple of Electromatics a few years ago and thought they were excellent. Definitely as good as the top end Epiphones, and miles ahead of anything by Squier (well, anything I've played by them at least...)

I always say the only way to know for sure is to get to a store and try them, but having had Electromatics as well as a real Gretsch, I'd say the Electromatics are definitely worth every penny.
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I can recommend the G5220 Junior Jet II (which this new Special Jet seems to have replaced in Gretsch's line-up) as a great guitar in your price range if you can still find one online. Solid mahogany body instead of basswood, Gretsch mini-humbuckers that have a really nice tone, same 1 vol & 1 tone control as these, wrap-around bridge, great sunburst finish. A bit more pricey than these models but not much (probably due to the relative cost of mahogany). If these new models have the same construction standards as the previous electromatic line then for the price they'll be pretty solid. No idea how the dual coils sound on the new models though but expect a bit more beefy than the mini-hums! Only one problem - they're big guitars and finding a hardcase that the G5220 will fit in is an ongoing headache...
Check prices local to where you are though as the Gretsch website prices look a bit over exagerated - Thomann has the G5410 listed for 239Euro which is about $325US and the G5425 for 279Euro which = $380US
they're pretty decent. there are a couple issues with the quality of the hardware, but nothing that should cause you not to get one.

otherwise, they sound quite nice and play more than well enough for my liking