I did a little demo of the Line 6 Pod HD500 using their Bogner Uberschall model that I thought some of you might find helpful.

The rhythm guitar as well as the lead after the solo are double tracked.

Drums were programmed in Ableton Live and bass was played using my guitar with the bass amp model in Ableton.

Feel free to ask any questions here or on my youtube and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for watching

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I really like the lead tone, and really dislike the uberschall on the POD HDs, especially for rhythyms

Thanks, just out of curiosity what did you think of the rhythm tone in my clip?
it was ok, I wasnt blown away by it though. Im not saying I can make patches that would slay yours, just that the ubershall in the POD HDs and myself dont mix well. but the lead tone was nice to my ears
I dig the lead tone, but the rhythm tone leaves a lot to be desired IMO.
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Lead tone's great, rhythm... not so much.
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