I just curious about the pedal line up. I only have 4 pedals: Morley Wah, BBE Green Screamer, DigiTech Death Metal pedal and MXR Phase 90. I know the phase is the last in the chain, but I'm not sure where the other pedals go when using an overdrive and a distortion pedal (not always at the same time). Should the wah seperate them like: OD -> Wah -> Distortion -> Phase? or a different combo? The OD is my main tone, but everyonce in awhile I want heavy distortion. Any ideas or hints?
I would do:
Wah > Dirt (order of the 2 dirt pedals is up to you) > phase.

What works for me may not work for you.
Its only 4 pedals. Not a ton of possibilities there.
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I always like my phaser to be in front of my dirt. It makes the phase sound more prominent.
cool cats do compression > dirt but in your case I'd say wah > phase > dirt
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