Hey would any of you be kind enough to point me in the direction of some power amp and pre amp tubes for my Randall RG50 TC combo (I run it through a Marshall 1960a cab so its basicaly used as a head.)
Has gradualy been losing gain and if you you turn the bass and the level both up past 12 o'clock the tone just seems to completely bottom out, had this problem for a while now, figured it must be the tubes soooooooo what shal I go for?

Dont have loads of cash, I play low tuned metal band so high gain is needed, must be avalable in the UK

^adambauman, it is a tube amplifier, 3 12AX7's in pre and 2 EL34's in power amp.

If you need some tube suggestions.. JJ, EHX, Sovtek... However, I would probably get GrooveTubes myself. I'm not that familiar with tube amps and especially the tubes so maybe you need to wait to let someone more professional come give you some suggestions.
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What sort of sound do you want out of the amp? If you want to give it a more Marshally tone stick JJ ECC83S tubes everywhere. In the preamp of course.

Try that first. What you are describing sounds more like a dodgey preamp tube (probably V2). If you still aren't happy after changing the three 12AX7's stick a couple of JJ EL34's in it.
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