I ordered one of these:

It's just a ready-made treble bleed system.

I decided to test in in my lap steel. The instructions say the output terminal is in the middle terminal, but my steel was wired where the output was the outside terminal and the middle terminal was connected to the pickup. I wired it up the way it was originally (outside terminal = output).

It seemed to be working great and as advertised. However, when I roll the tone pot down to zero, the guitar is muted unless the volume pot is set to 10.

So, I switch the terminal as the instructions suggested and now the volume doesn't work unless it's on 10, even if the tone pot is on 10.

My steel is wired pickup->volume->tone->output. There is a coil-split for the humbucker.

Does anyone understand what is going on here?

EDIT: The instructions are located on that link I provided. It says the v-treb won't affect the tone when the volume is on 10. Does that mean it's a no-load pot? I thought no-load pots couldn't be used for volume.
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Ok, the link has been fixed. I know it's simple and had it working correctly, just can't figure out why the tone pot set to zero mutes the guitar.
Maybe if your output is on a different pin then your wiring isn't suitable for that particular setup, you could change it using one of the many seymour ones to suit or you could find out more info on fitting a treble bleed to your particular circuit.