Hey guys

Here's a new liquidy drum and bass song I made on reason 5.


Any crit is welcome, feel free to ask questions.

I will equal any crit you give me as soon as I can, just pop me a link with your crit

Critting as I listen. I like it so far. I've always preferred House and Trance stuff to DnB, so it was nice to hear some chill House elements in there. I felt it was a nice balance between the fast DnB parts and the chill breaks.

I don't know too much about electronic music so I'm not sure if the repetitiveness (at least in the first half, I felt tehre was a bigger diversity in the second half) was what you were going for, but I think I would have liked it more had that main section changed up a bit more as the song went on.

That being said, I still really enjoyed this. Favorited it on SC The mix was really good as well, sounded quite professional. although I may have liked a deeper bass sound (especially in the drums).

But well done!

Feel free to crit my new song if you're up to it