I can tell you right now that their setup isn't cheap. At all.
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Lol awesome video. Song is kinda meh but how they do it is sweet. Especially with the bass. Sorry Im no help
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If I remember correctly, the guitarist has a sort of bluetooth controller or something on his guitar. The bassist is using a Source Audio Hot Hand wireless adapter that uses motion to change the parameters of an effect, probably an envelope filter given the nature of this kind of music.


It took me quite a while to find but the thing on the guitar is a bluetooth keyboard/trackpad called the ipazzport.

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it might nto be an actual kaos pad device, but it would be just asa mother to install, not only that, im sure there are restrictions on the guitr body size, layout etc.

i am also guessing he bought that guitar specifically for that pad due to the above stated reason (and nobosy butchers a collectible or valuble guitar with that especially when install is an experimental crap shoot).

basist is rocking out on that hot hand. awesome (why the glove? is that for sound effects or are his poor finges not broken in yet?)