so i've been on the look out for a highway one tele, USA made etc etc..

however - they are pretty hard to find used!

what other recommendations would you give for around that £400 used budget?
That's not a lot to go off of. A standard tele?
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MIM Tele? I prefer them because of the satin neck. Thats just me, but i dont really see the point of goig MIA when half-priced guitars overthrow them.
Personally, I'd be balls deep in a Baja.

The other top end Mexicans go for similar second hand (Thinline, 72 Deluxe/Custom) but the Baja is a more traditional Tele with good pickups/build and sounds great.
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what 'half priced MIM' beats the quality of a USA tele?

From what ive tried, i have to admit it just tried them, but the MI was half the MIA' price and i liked the mim alot more.