Hey guys, for sale is my HT5, you all know a lot about these little amps, they're really versatile and pretty dynamic with the ISF knob, just not my cup of tea. Also its slightly too loud for me living in an old terraced london house...

Righty... heres what I'm after. Im looking to trade for either a
Good Audio Interface
Mic's (57/58s)
Bass Guitars
Studio Monitors
Headphones (monitors... akg sorta thing)
Blues Jr 'esque amp
Yeah, if you want to offer cash just shoot me an offer and we can discuss... will deliver to anywhere in london, or pick up for West London!

Gimme a shout (pm or email me on james_newmarch@hotmail.co.uk) for more pictures, really cba taking new ones and these are just the ones off Facebook!


Photo 2

Photo 3