Alright, so I've noticed when I play bass I pick (and if this forums like everyone else I went to for bass advice, I pick over fingers because it gives more bite and I can't finger pick because I grew out my finger nails for guitar playing) quieter randomly, especially when playing loud. I don't exactly know why, or if this is a common problem so I was wondering if there was something I could practice to smooth it out.

Also I don't do this while guitar playing for some reason, probably has something to do with the thickness of the strings or i pick harder when bass playing and when I get a feel of it I revert to how I pick when playing guitar, I don't know to be honest.
A compressor might help you with that
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I'd rather learn how to play properly than rely on something.

If you have to pick harder for a bass (because the strings are thicker) this might be the major problem for me, mainly because I keep playing it like I play guitar (picking softly).

The problem is it's very VERY quiet on bass and things like my hand sliding across the fret board (and fingers rubbing against strings), accidentally hitting the wrong note, or anything really causes the bass to sound VERY loud in comparison to my playing, so much though that it drowns out the playing.

Also if I practice picking for a bass will it screw up my guitar picking, aka I'll become too use to picking for bass and yeah you get it.
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Where are you picking? Near the bridge will give more defined and bright tone. Sometimes closer to the neck can be quiet. But as far as practicing technique, I can switch between guitar and bass no problem.
@TheBrownPenguin: Thanks! I did too, I stumbled across it one day when surfing and had to share.